09/14/07 "The Vancouver trick".

09/10/07 "A Love Story".

07/09/07 "My Thoughts on Friends."

06/18/07 "A Tragic Story".

05/31/07 "Why I Love Emma Frost".

01/03/07 "10 years of Gaydom and then some..."

10/11/006 "Let me Paint you a a picture..."

6/15/06 "I was once one of the Elite Soldiers".

6/13/06 When i was 14....

6/13/06 "Depressed with friends looking for same."

6/13/06 What Time stole from me.

6/13/06 Why I enjoy talking about the weather.

6/10/06 I decided to respond back and fill out the survery that i sent out to everyone who sent me one

6/07/06 My collection list

6/7/06 & 12/?/01 The "survey" that i sent out and decided to continue. Read some of these, they're funny.

6/06/06 revised Explain: Who i Am

6/06/06 revised The story about my whip

6/06/06 revised How i got my nickname: Poizonazn

4/27/03 rewritten What i look for in a guy

9/29/02 A message about "2 Prides".

8/15/02 A message about "letting go".

3/12/01 The "Calm Dez" and "No More Drama"

8/6/01 Dezzie'z Choice Horoscope: Chosen by Moi

7/18/01 A litto message about being different and Responsibility

1/24/01 A Recovery tip for Human pain and Message about Human Errors