Recovery of Human Pain and Errors
~Never Again~

Cure and recovery of Human Pain

"how did you do it?"
"How can you still be alive??"
I've pasted many roads throughout my life and many stories that would shock you and tha ammount that this happens could be overwhelming. Half of you reading this are probably thinking " of this boi'z Just a Kid he dunno jack" wellz, Lemme tell you this, I have Not Lived EVERY experience in life, nor have i witness all of lifes 10,000 pains. i do not plan to either. BUT i have been through enough in this world at earliar ages, and all i am here for is to guide and prolly give a lil advice to tha "lost" ESPCIALLY in tha pain department.
After a First break up with a GF or BF, it is VERY typical for tha individual ta Go a Lil Haywire and Threaten to Commit Suicide. wellz this lil section is JUST for you suicidal kidZ. IT AIN'T ALL THAT SERIOUS!!!! i mean c'mon , i'm pretty sure you've all heard tha line "there'll be more" you do not know how true that is. rather instead ta Sit there and Mope all day and Night and tear away at your arm, you could be doing something COMPLETELY more productive and benfiary enough for your mind and body. Why? well use the reason i use. I set myself up for tha next guy i'm gonna be with, sure i don't know when that'll be, could be several years from now, but it is a WHOle lot better preparing for it at least. I got myself a HIGH paying job so i can help out and Support mah next new bf, i gots mah mind in stability so i dun scare off mah Nex new BF. you know think of thi gs like.
it has also been to my attention alot of you people prolly reading this are between the ages of 12- 25. An Age group that is at Highest levels for emotional Unbalance. this a Lil note for you peepz : No matter how many times peepz gotta drill it through into your head, "YOU'RE STILL YOUNG" people think and act as if they're gonna die tommorow. thats is NOT true ( unless if under other circumstances, . . .thats another story) You have a Whole life time to life, and If you made it 18 years down tha road and didn't witness drama till you became 18, think back those past years how long you've been stuck on this planet. I mean sure half those years you were drooling and had NO knowledge what so ever about the world, but it still counts. You lived through yout 1st grade years up into High school. If you can stick around for that long of a period of time, why not another 18 years, or another. Sure there will be more pain in the Future, Never lie to yourself bout that. But you have to be Strong enough to Deal wid those things. Build your mind to be strong enough to Kick life and Kharma in the ass.

Oh and One more thing, for all you people who think you know yourself and are "grown-Up" You needa ta Shut your trap and REALLY grow up, because you're Actually back a few years. NO ONE on this planet Knows themself 100%. and that is a VERY well known fact in Philosophy and Psychology. So DEAL with it , kid.

Human Error

People Live there lives doin whatever they think is right, taking on each emotion as if it were nothing. What am i talking about? "Human errors"
People Don't stop to think exactly what are the Down falls of being a Emotionally Driven Creature on this Planet. I for one have:
these Are all Errors. Individuals who have these traits Have a Major weakness in this world. Alot of these Traits Cause people to NOT do what they Want to, To not Exceed or Propell them self In Life Due to One MAIN factor, which is "Fear". He one has one of these traits, they Are already marked down as "weak". I mean think about it, without a few of these or ALL of these traits, you could have gotten that raise you always wanted, that Boi that you've had a Crush on for many years but he's dating your friend, tha Skirt you saw at tha mall but was too afraid to by it because of parental probelms or whatever.
BUT!!!! after thinking bout this, exactly what is it that you get leftover? If you didn't have ALL these traits what so ever? You'd be a very Emotionless Person.One that is extremely insecure, and Has an unhealthy Mental Balance. What is my point then??? Don't take on these traits as if they were you're last resorts to Live, Be a Lil Cold now and then, but not to the point where you'll lose all your friends. USing Negativity in your life is not always a bad thing, sometimes you can Benefit from it.