~Who I Am~

In our society, labels serve as a way of categorizing people so that others can try to understand them better. I've always found this bothersome considering how much "Grey" there is in the world when it comes down to labeling people. The easiest labels of course would be: Gender, Ethnitcity, and sometimes Sexual Orientation. Aside from that, our society does not give us enough leway to really label up a person's personality.

who am i you ask? The artistic expression of literal power states that i am an Artist. One who manipulates images, words, and thoughts, showcasing them in their most rawest and purest form. Beautiful, destructive, disturbing, peaceful, arid, moist, all rolled up into what is my sanity.

I am a timid Leo that lays in wait and plots every next move based on my thoughts so they all fit my liking as much as i want. I am the card of temptation, seen as a sexual object by admirers because of my exotic blood: Chinese. I am a unit, unit number eighteen, a machine when it comes to getting what i need to have done because i push myself past limits. All of this, and the poisonous blood that runs through me, blood that is hard working, blood that is of generations of fighters, strugglers, and most importantly of all: survivors. I am a voice of the young, the gay, and the asian community. As much as people may dislike my views or my words, i make them heard. They may close there minds to mines because of fear, because they don't understand what gay is, or Asian, but i am willing to teach. I am an instructor, a mentor, serving as a person who guides others along when in need of help. I don't give people the answers, i open their eyes wider to what they have missed. I am a demon, a succubi. Born into a world as a creature of lust, a creature of vengence, a creature that has the more practical ability of making technological things catch on fire. I am a sub leader, i lead but i also follow i conform and then i rebel. A diamond skinned freak, the embodiment of cause and effect, a fluid dancer, a target of envy, a designer, a young professional in the fashion industry, a hunter, a challenger, a risk taker, a constant thinker, a wish and dream caster, sorrow, happiness, an emotionless face, a blank slate thats been graffittied on for years. I am a friend whos loyalties are tested by another person's loyalties towards me. I play fair game on "the grid" but i also will do what i need to in order to survive and live. I am a lover, a hater, a student...

Some may call me a freak, to some a frigid bitch, many words have been used on me, against me, to explain me. There is never one word though. It's always two completely opposing words. Conform all those words together and you eventually get my persona, my state of being. I can be good and evil at the same time because i believe in balance. Afterall "Good" is only a lesser version of "Evil" as is "Evil" is just a lesser version of "good".

My drive in life is to enjoy as much of it as possible. People may say things about me, good or bad, either way i take them all into thought and turn them all into positive things. It's one way i keep myself up in life. When you're faced with so many things that come rushing at you in life, one of the best ways to deal with it is to slap on a stupid face and take everything head on. Fear stops us from growing, fear ceases our exisitence as a whole. To overcome fear is to grow, to grow is to live a full life. It's all a learning process up until you die. Learning....thats how i got to where i am now, because i was always willing to learn. Not just the learning you do at school, but form other people, from the world around you, from the people who walk by you. Every little piece of that knowledge when analyzed....can be used to help a person find the "real" them. I am Dez...