Why I Love Emma Frost
~The White Queen~

written: 05-31-06

There are alot of people out there that I find myself identifying with. One of those biggest influences and role models would have to be the fictional character from the X-men universe: Emma Frost.

Alot of people look at me oddly when i present them my praise for the character. She is a telepath with the ability to change her skin and hair into diamonds, an on again off again hero and villain, a teacher, and of course the obvious...a mutant. I guess the question here is, why do i Love Emma Frost so much?

For starters, she's a very intelligent woman. her mind being the strongest weapon to her body, not just because she's a telepath but because she always re-evaluates situations and makes her moves completely thought out. She kinda assesses things before taking any actions. i've always been about how strong he human mind can be. Just the very thought that a person may have about anything they want and change everything in situations attracted me to her.

From behind her mind are her intentions. Throughtout the series, her true intentions seem to always hide and go completely under everyone's radar, none of the other characters truelly know wats going on with her. One thing thats obvious is that Emma Frost will do whatever it takes to get things working the way she wants them to. There are almost no limits to her ethics and morals when it comes to getting what she wants, and what she aims at is always in her best interests. She doesn't let things get in her way, if they do... she finds a way through or around the problem and continue to pursue whatever she's after. It's every man for themselves in this world and Emma knows this

This whole way of thought just brings it all back to the topic of "Means of survival". Thought it may sound selfish, it's a reality in this world that people try to deny themselves. Even if you want to bring up the arguement of having people around (friends) and working as a collective group, it's only stronger if each person is individualistic and that they all have a strong strive to live and survive. When that occurs you have a somewhat conformed group that has more of a chance at survival, because everyone's strengths combine better and move effectively then a regular group of conformists. This is one of Emma's way of Life.

Not to say she isn't compassionate others. She has students that she cares very much about, even till there deaths and rebellions against her. Though sometimes extreme, her thoughts have always been about wanting the best for all her students. TO bring out theres strongest potential and to push them past limits that they never knew they had. In the end if just comes right down to the original idea of "survival". She loved all her students, and even if they went up against her, she still stayed there for them till the end. She may come off as a frigid ice queen bitch, but deep inside she strives to ensure that her kind and her loved ones don't live a life like hers, full of discrimination, and prosecution for being different. Part of the survival against that is the ability to fight and die for what and who you are.

One of the other things I love about Emma is her courage and her ability to face things head on. My prime example would be from Grant Morrison's run on "the New X-men" series where she faced Jean Grey single handedly head on.

Almighty Phoenix or not, Emma Frost was the only one to have the courage to go up against Jean Grey in one of her manifestations and call her out as what she was "A playground bully". Emma could've backed off Jean's life and personal space but she decided that she would not hide in fear and tace her when Jean went all power crazy after finding out about her husband's psychic affair with her. Emma stood her grounds as Jean "..got into her head uninvited and knocked everything around." She survived that but never held it completely against her. This is another example of how Emma's thoughts are and her belief system works. No matter how insane the situations may seem, she still puts herself through it. Even if other people around her tell her that it's a bad idea, she still sticks to what she wants. Some people may say that's plainly being stubborn but hey thats how you get your point across, in this case..."I'm not afraid of you."

Of course theres the other simple things about Emma Frost that i admire. One of the obvious is that she can turn her body into living diamonds. Diamonds are one of my favorite types of rocks. Though imperivous against nearly everything , they still have slight flaws. In the books it's said that if you exploit and apply enough preassure to a certain point of a diamond... it may shatter. As a iconic metaphoric meaning, it just tells us that no matter how beautiful and perfect something maybe... if still has flaws and is capable of "breaking"... just another reality in life about the whole concept of perfection.

Another perk about Emma is her physical appearance. Tall, slender, in shape, blonde bombshell. She knows that she loks great and flaunts it without shame. Signs of high confidence and possibly arrogance...Like the old saying goes "appearance is the bait, but personality is the hook'. Emma tests those around her to challenge her mind and part of that is drawing crowds. I've had a few run ins with that problem before, where people think i'm nothing more then a pretty face. The people who can't handle my thoughts are best forgotten. Those who stick around and are willing to listen and understand....those people stay. The other challenge comes from a person's ability to approach me first because most people are intimidated by me. Those that can take a deep breath and a chance to say "Hi" are people I really respect. I know what it's like to be on that of the rope.

Life is all chances... sometimes you gotta take them, if not...all

Emma Frost has alot of flaws as she does have strengths that i admire. most of them having to deal with her mind. Metaphorically speaking, she is a testament of how far a person can go if they really put their minds to what they need and want.

She maybe a bitch who spouts elitist crap day to day, but if you look deeper then that, what you can find is a person full of life, and reality. Manipulative, yes... but hye, everyone's got to take care of themselves before then can handle other people... thats why i love that girl.