So, what is it i look for in a guy?
~High Standards~

What are the traits and standards i look at when i date a guy? Wellz:

AGE: to start it off he's gotta be around my age. 2 years younger then me is the minimum, while the max. . . wells, 6 years older then me is the max. I've dated older men and younger boys and the age factor doesn't always have much an effect to me. It's more over how there mind has aged PLUS the yeras they've been born. Theres gotta be a mental connection between me and the guy, like we're on the same intellect, someone whos mature and knows what they're shooting for in life.

MIND: The Mind kinda connects with looks, personality and age. If you haven't already noticed, i can't get along with stupid people for crap. Book smart, street smart. What i DON'T WANT is basically everything that a immature 14 year old gay newbie would be coming up with but in a 22 year old. Not just a level of intellect, but understanding. I don't want the guy i'm dating to try to solve my problems by just saying "oh you're nutz". Someone who's responsible for there thoughts, words, and actions and knows whats right and wrong. Sure that may lead into an arguement, but thats a key in communication sometimes. A guy who's willing to compromise with me: not someone who'll think i'm always right, or someone who'll think they're always right. A free spirited, positive outlooking guy. I maybe borderline negative, positive typa person, but i don't want that in my BF. cuz that'll just drag me down with him.

LOOKS AND PERSONALITY: Looks and appearance is a big factor. I won't lie, i want to be with someone who is really cute in my eyes. The ones that really catch my attention are the ones you can't tell are gay. The non-flamey ones. Honestly, i'd rather date a girl then to be wid a gay femmey guy. Str8 like appearances comes with a small style to that whole Azn gangster look. *Drools* Notice i used the word "gangster" though and not "thug". Theres a big difference between gangsters and thugs, and wellz, thugs aren't mah taste. Some i can make an exception, but a majority of them , nahz. Along with a look that looks str8, they gotta have that str8 attitude. NO Queenyness, no make up, no sudden outbursts like "OMG lets go to tha chanel Store grl" that kinda Bullshiet. Looks go in part with there personality though. Say i meet a guy whos hella fine, but he's got tha nastiest personality, after that i will always view him as an ugly person regardless of his looks. A Good personality is pretty basic: Kind hearted, caring, thoughtful, understanding, trusting, trustworthy, Funny or serious which ever is nessacary for the moment, Open minded, accepting, Adventourous, Fun Loving and daring.

OTHER RANTS: a few things i can't stand bout a guy is if they're chicken shiet. What do i mean by chicken shiet? a Guy who won't stand up for me, a guy who doesn't take risks, a guy who's. . . .not willing to challenge themselves. Another way of mentioning it iz, if i got in a fight, they dun jump in for meehz or end up running away and not doin shiet. I can stand for mahself, but i would like some help in mah battles. NO FOBS, Orientals ONLY ( Chineze, Korean, Japaneze, taiwaneze) any thing other then those 4 NO!. Wouldn't hurt if you tha guy knows how ta shoot pool, tha ability ta sing is alwayz a plus, NO heavy Drug users, No big party peepz, Tha party life iz great and allz but too much of it makes a NO in mah books, now and then iz coo, mature, needs ta realize that i have a life ta live too, that i need mah space ta work, school, and take care of mah friends, they havta be able ta understand that. NO scrubs, no Psycotics wid suicidal tendencys, no one wid aggression problems. Tha guys gotta be able ta respect mah family too, jess plays a big role in this part. Tha guys can't be obssessive or hit me, or fuck wid mah head, has some level of intelligence, tha ability ta cook would be cool, a driver? i'm a responisble passenger for nowz. I want a sweet guy that comes up wid lil surprises for mah annis, No bisexuals ( Sorryz can't choose? too bad), The guys gotta accept tha fact that i'm a smoker (If you wanan take tha challenge, be mah guest), Nice hair iz a plus, colored hair gains you 5 more points. NO CHEAP Guys ( example: one year anniversary dinner at Target), NO playrz or cheaterz ( you wanna spit game this way, imma throw that shiet back to tha floor where it belongs and BURN IT) I want a Guy that'll trust me as well proove ta meeh that i can trust them as wellz. If you can Race, you've pretty much stolen mah heart hahahah, even if you dun race, but you hav tha skills, still counts as bonus points. I dun want a boring boi that just sitts around at clubs or a "out there" kinda guy whoz always at tha club on thur, fri and saturday nite.

Turn onz:
nice Colored Hair
Nice Arms
Drives "impressively"
a Good Bad Boi, or a Bad Good boi
Brooklyn Accents