Being Different then the others

" I'm a Freak"
"I'm the out cast, the misfit, nobody wants me around because they think i'm werid"
hehehehz, God knows how many times i've been told that. I went ta get a Job at GAP and Later came ta found out that they thought of me as a Freak and didn't hire me. This wuz back when tha flagship store for Old Navy in SF wuz opening. Along wid that people have always seen as "Different" being tha freak outta tha group. It's not everyday you bump inta something like me. a person that emits loud High pitch Shrieks that rip through the air, Spits blood whenever he feels like it, and all these other litto things.
For a While though it did hurt. people were afraid of me or embarrassed to be around me becuz i wuz not like them. of course i dove inta one of mah Infamous Depressions and allz but in tha end i found my true friends. My God Sister Angie reminds me of a Cute lil passage in which she ever so much Loves : You laugh at me becuz i'm different, I laugh at you , cuz you're all the same" it does make sense. Why be like everyone else. One minded , boring and can't think for themself. Theres a Gift to Being Different from everyone, It means you can think for yourself. Theres nothin bad about being a lil krayzie, a lil werid, a lil odd. It promotes self thought, and being able ta think for one self. If you're not capable ta do that, then i really don't understand what your purpose in this world is.
Alot of "different" people are out there ta changing tha World. Artist, Musicians are some of the few. If you wanna get inta a Deeper meaning then think about this:: being Gay is "different", Being Asian is "Different", being a Girl is "Different". In this World society will only accept you and give you a Less of a hard time if you are :: OLD, WHITE, HETEROSEXUAL, RICH, MALE. Why is this?? Wellz. it's all a Part of Life.
If it bothers you so much just remember, you're not the Only one. Hell, I'm here, and so are half a million of the other lonely people. Not sayin ta Go out on a quest and gather them up and throw a revolution, but just remember that there are many people like you, and theres NOTHING wrong wid being different. Think of it this way, compared ta them, at least you have a Brain and know how ta use it .


Another thing that has come to my attention is "Responsibilty". You may Laugh and Mock me when i bring this up, but this is a BIG thing alot of people have a problem wid OR say they know how ta handle, but really DON'T. I'm not saying i'm the most responsible person in tha world (GOd Forbid), but i Do know my priorities and wutz right and wrong. Being responisible is soemthing you should always think about when growing up. Thinking of things you "Should" take care of and "HAVE TO" take care. WIth the Ones where you HAVE TO , there are NO ifs, ands, or Buts. When you are given a task , you carry it out ta tha best of your ability. You give it all 110%. I know this sounds like something outta tha military, but that is tha way i've been trained and it does help. If you do not challenge yourself and "overdrive" your ability, you will slowly go through your life and never see what you're capable of doing.
When you are able to do that , theres nothing you can not conquer. But this is All an Extent from being Responsible. You have to notice what is it that YOU , yourself are responsible to do. Things like that You can not put off on. Theres no Excuse to it. If You Do though, then you should Expect problems. And if you don't you're an Idiot for not thinking bout that ahead of Time. If you question why u had problems suddenly then you're prolly twice as stupid and amaze me that you are capable to turning on a computer. Never forget what your Duties are, becuz if you do or try ta avoid them then you're in for a mess. As well as that it just prooves you ta be childish and immature. If you have responsibitlyes conquer them first, if you have problems from that, intercept it and try your best to solve it, don't avoid it. It'll suck for tha short period of time, but you will benefit and learn inta tha long Run.