The Birth of Poizon
~How i got the Name: Poizonazn~

I've had this web handle/alias for several years now. Prior to solidifying to "poizonazn" i was "Lilithboi" and "Shermieboi".

"Lilithboi" was put together with my urban name that i had when i used to be a "Castro street Rat". My godfather helped put it together for me because at that time, i was only 15 years old. He told me that i was a new body and new blood "on the market" and considering my appearance and age....i was really sought after....lusted for. Older men wanted to catch me, younger people were chasing me. The problem was, my god father knew that it was completely out of lust. Given Capcom's pop culture refference to the character "Lilith" who was a young succubus, a demon of lust, and mixing that together with the religious beliefs of how Lilith seduced Adam in the world of Adam and Eve, My godfather cemented that alias to me. I was chased after by the other street rats, but never offered myself to people because i was reserved, and my godfather didn't want that kind of life for me. So i guess in a way, i was a Geisha that was not up for sale, just as a window display. These were the years i'd learn what seduction could get you. My godfather would take me out with him on some of his "escapades" earning money, and whatever else he could get his hands on in other people's places. He protected me from this world, but at the same time widened my eyes to a darker side of gay life that alot of young people succumb to in order to survive, or just have fun. He'd tell me all these offers other men were willing to put up for a night of me to put out and as enticing as the price points were, i never found myself taking those routes.

"Shermieboi" was an alias cooked up from two High School friends woh got me into the whole world of "King of Fighters" Margo Debaie, and Carlos Quintinilla. Shermie was one of the highest ranked officers in the Orochi world. In fact she was part of the elite four "Heavenly Kings". Normally, Shermie was a fashion designer and was always all about having fun and enjoying life. She was pretty much a bubble-headed girl, teasing people with her sexual goodies before a fight. In her normal life, she's just a ball of joy and life. The OTHER side of Shermie was completely insane and murderous. She was an Orochi blooded member, and would do anything to resurrect her lord "Orochi: The Silencer" Her attitude would completely change when it came to her loyalties as an Orochi. She lusted after power and control, and would not let anything get in her way. Even if it meant killing them or killing herself. My two High School friends made the connection after my show of appriciation for the character as well as how relative my duo-personalities were like those of Shermie.

Considering both of those aliases were a tad too feminine for my taste, i changed it completely around 98. The nickname i would take on branched from several reasons and ultimately become something that i would be forever stuck with. I took into consideration what the new alias would mean to mean, and how it would help people understand who i am.

With all the insight on seduction, joy, fun, and insanity, i wanted something that was effective in a name, easy to remember and that no one else has had. The first name that came up was "intoxicazn" which immediately flopped because of it's pop refference to binge drinking. When you think intoxication, you think alchohol, and that wasn't me. It occured to me that my personality and appearance were both addictive. People taking a whiff, and then wanting more. I knew how to hook people, how to lure them, and like some people used to say to me "render them useless". Not exactly the kind of image i wanted to portray, but the underlining idea that something that can be so helpful and so good for you still had a darker side to it, excited me. I was like poison to people. I had a way of influencing people either singular or in a mass, and these people always seem to come back. You see, i wanted something that would stay true to myself and poison was one of them. To every person, there is another side to them. Light and dark, i wanted to put both of those out there. So Poizon became the handle. Add the "azn" for my ethnic identity and you've got yourself my alias. I was like poison, in the sense that if you take it regularly it could infulence you. You could also possibly develop an addiction to the poison. That's how i felt my true self to really work. sit down, get to know me, accept who i am, and open your mind...and eventually you'll want to know more. Some may argue the fact that i have a long list of exs and enemies, but rest assure, they always seem to come back. I may not be completely public about those occurances, but the incidents have happened.

The other minor things that i also too into consideration were pieces from my past.

As a child, i had an obsession with poisonous animals. Just the very thought that a creature had the ability to completely alter another being's life and thoughts just but a bite, sting, kick, or prick. Growing up my obsession for chemicals with hazardous properties grew and branched out into more industrial works. As time went by, in my teen years, a had a few accidents. The outcome of that was the constant feed of chemicals from recreational drugs, medical drugs, psycho-medical drugs, and all the fun drugs you could find in the emergency room were pumped into me through a span of years. There were a few instances where the chemicals did counter-act one another and my body didn't respond too well to it.