A Tragic Story
~So Close...~

written: 06-18-07

Let me tell you a story. One that sits so close to you but you'll never be able to touch. A story that only the free mind could see past the drudges of common day life, one that has laid face to face with you, but you will never see, never embrace, and never know.

This is a story about a boy who grew up through a lifetime of trauma. Used and abused at almost every turn by the people who claimed they loved him....friends family, twisted and turned by opposing thoughts, bent and beaten but still staggering to stand on his feet. Of course it's easy to say that this happens to everyone, but how one reacts to such causes, this is where this story differs. You see, this boy had a means to survive, but could never imagine how he would go about the task. As the years went by, the twisting slowed, and the bending seized and evertyhing stood in a stillwork of images and thoughts. From deep within this boy's mind, information began to bloom wildly around him. The information wasn't just simple facts on people the boy crossed... but a plethora of ideas, theories, measurements, solutions, answers, reactions, about everything, everywhere and above all... everyone around him. With such a surplus of information, there was uncertainties as to what would be done about it all. Not too long did this boy began using this resovoir of information to sway others around him. Over time he began to record, execute, and continue on building up that bank of information through trials and errors and discovered that the possibilities were endless. Almost everything around him became a game of control, every person around became something that he could move, alter, and destroy. This ability became an addiction and the boy began to use it at every turn he came across in his lifetime. The power grew immensely and he sought revenge against those who had burned him in the past. Through years of careful planning, one by one did his tormentors succumb to his hands until there was no one left.

Walking amongst the people of the world lost and without purpose someone stood before him. This person saw the length of this boy's wrath and realized how much potential he had. This person offered the boy a job and a price mark over the head of this job...without hesitation they boy began his work. One after another were more jobs hired to the boy. Without word, without warn, and without notice, the boy performed flawlessly. Desensitized from the years of anguish the boy had, every victim was nothing more then an oppurtunity of personal financial gain and thats all that mattered. The boy's abilities did not only stay within his own location, but several other cities. he was flown all across the continent effortlessly taking down each mark one by one. When he returned one spring day something had caught him off guard. You see, amongst a life that he lived hidden from everyones watch, he also lived one that everyone saw directly...and it was in this world he was taken off guard. Another person had come into his playing field and turned the boy's world on it's head. This event crippled his abilities, scrambled his information , and shut down the world he knew. The boy had fallen in love.