[May 25,2012 Sorry folks, it's been over 5 years since i've gotten to really update this site.I've gotten so much on my plate these days as far as projects, and alot of "life" has happened since the last time i updated. Sure enough though, i WILL be gutting out this site for the next update and redoing everything. It will still be my personal site, but it will also have more on my own small bussinesses i'm starting up... so... few things to look forward to. The only thing that has been kept up to date is the contact information portion of the site.]

[Oct 18,2007 I know this update has been long over due, but due to an extremely busy summer schedule, i hardly had the time to work on it. from the last week of May right into the end of August, i only had about a week to myself. I would like to Thank all those who've been coming to the site, it certainly means alot to me. I can only hope that this update will have as much quality content as all the previous years. My primary focus for this update is more stronger written work, more photos, and more artwork that may showcase new techniques i picked up in coloring. As for newcomers, i just wanted to inform you that this site only updates once a year. usually in June due to time restraints on life, but i assure you that theres plenty of stuff to check out here. If anything, feel free to contact me anytime, and as always please enjoy your visit.]