They've always said that i was a little different from everyone else. Who'dve thought that when they said "a little different" they meant almost in every categorey possible for any one human to fit under. I have to admit, almost nothing about my life has been "normal" but i try my best to blend in with as much of societies norms as possible. Just to start it off, i am Asian. If you think thats weird..get this... i'm gay. Just these two components alone, i've dropped two slots down from the "American norm". Even in my own community i seem to wander into the "black sheep" role such as: I'm Asian, but my math skills do not pass basic whole number division. I'm gay, but i don't carry along the stereotypical uber-super feminine mannerism as most gay men do. Not to mention my past is ANYTHING but normal:

1997 was one the worst years of my life. Not only did life end, but a new one was built... my life started in 1997 because....prior to that, i have no memory of my past. I was attacked visciously by a group of black kids by the shopping center on Geary and Masonic. The attack left me in the hospital with no memory of anything. That night when i was released and was taken home.....nothing... I couldn't remember my sister, my mom, my friends, my girlfriend at the time, worst of all, i didn't remember who I was anymore. The memories began that night with tears in my friends eyes, the anger in the atompshere with my family, and when i was taken back to my room with my blood stained jacket, all i could think of was how lonely i was.

Years went by, and lies and truths weaved themselves together to form my past and ultimately build who i am now. By then my mind was crossed with aiding those who were in need of help. No one deserves to go through what i went through, to save those who don't think they could make it in this cruel world, to give hope. Like any persons experiences, they were hard and cruel but yet i still stand strong ready ta conquer whats next to come. I've learned alot since then, and i'm always waiting to see the next lesson to come. Though i may have seen and experienced many things for my life time, i still have a long road ahead of me, and theres no problem with picking up a few hitch-hikers along the way.