~Chapter 8 closed it's pages in the city of Toronto~

On Feb 21,2004 i left everything i had in sunny California and flew out to Toronto admist there winter. I held little expectations, high antipations, and a tattered heart ready for anything. I didn't know quite what to expect, but...the thought of finally meeting all the great people i've known for a long time, the thought of finally seeing the city that i felt connected to, the thoughts that i would finally face something that had caused me to go under hiatus for the entire year of 2003; it was my turn to face what was bothering me, and overcome it. What better way to deal with it but to go back to the source of it all.

Upon my visit, i met alot of new friends, old friends, and of course.... The exs. I fell in love with the City, the freezing winds, the long late night walks, the stores, the people, the energy, the ice, the snow....everything was as i dreamed it to be. i came with the thoughts of enjoyment, but i couldn't hide in the back of my mind the mission i had. I'll never forget the happiness i felt when i was there, nor the dissappointments. Life has it's ups and downs.....i just decided to force mines to go up, up and either further up. There are many people i'd have to thank for this trip. Amongst them would be Tre Y, Justin L, Dennis P, Derek C, Vincent P, Oliver C, and of course Wayne. I'll return again to relive this dream...in the mean time i look forward to seeing you all this summer.