H Jackson Brown:"In the confrontation between the stream and the rocks, the stream always wins, not through strngth but by perseverance".

Cleopatra:"Be known that we, the greatest, are not misthought. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is true strength."

Helen Keller:"Never bend your head, Always hold it high, look the world straight in the eye.

Francis Bacon:"it is impossible to love and be wise"

Vivian Tang:"...each person is alone with his enemy, that the only significant wars are not made by external causes, but "by something ignorant in the human heart "

M. H. McKee: "Follow your heart, hang on and don't give up just because everyone else does. There is nobility in being the last one standing, because the persistent few are those who stretch boundaries, set brave new standards and secure the hope for a better tomorrow."

Anonymous: "Stupidity can not be cured by knowledge, Formal education fortifies it."

Colossus: "Who is this 'Hilton' girl."
Beast: "It doesn't matter. On a lot of levels."

Emma Frost bickering with Kitty Pryde: "yes, our own little poster child. Isn't it sweet? 'The nonthreatening 'Shadowcat, or 'Sprite', or 'Ariel' or whatever incredibly unimpressive name you're using nowadays."

Emma Frost: "I deserve sympathy for the sins of my sordid past, not scorn. Those were difficult days; I was probably very confused and out of my mind on drinks or drugs. It's not always about "good" and "evil", Scott dear"

Emma Frost: "My family's extremely generous support for generations, and the very year it becomes public knowledge that I am a mutant, i am for the FIRST TIME left off the guest list. Tell me, dear Walter would you like to spend the rest of your life obsessed with the works of Leroy Neiman? I mean, sexually?"

Emma Frost talking to Kitty Pryde: "You remember Daredevil's old girlfriend? That psychotic Greek assassin with the very faint moustache?"

Emma Frost mind wiping someone: "You feel no pain. You will go straight to a hospital. Remember nothing of this place, and every time you hear the words 'parsley', 'intracable', or 'longitude', you will vomit uncontrollably for forty-eight hours."

Emma Frost: "Jean Grey is a sacred cow.At least we agree on half of that"

Sean Cassidy (Banshee): "You know, for an over-sexed mind witch you really are a tight ass"
Emma Frost: "Oh why don't you go wax your chest hair"

Henry McCoy(Beast) talking to Emma Frost as Jean Grey/Phoenix flies by scorching the air: "Should we be worried?What is that?" "Oh what does it look like Henry? it's bloody Jean, showing off again"

Mind Static: "Don't run from death. Sing her songs, drink from her chalice, and realize the truth, that death is no more than a servant to us."

Jeijei: "the best intentions are fraught with disappointment.."

Timothy Childers: "To hide the key to your heart, is to risk forgetting where you placed it"

HC Mencken: :Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence"

Sam Keen: "We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly"

Peter Ustinov: "Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit."

Rita Mae Brown: "the only queer people are those who don't love anyone."

Francis Bacon: "it is impossible to love and be wise."

Richard Bach: "True love stories never have endings"

Helen Keller: "Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcomings"

Victor Hugo: "People don't lack strength, they lack will"

John P Loughrane: "It is a sign of strength, not weakness, to admit that you don't know all the answers."

H Jackson Brown: "In the confrontation between the stream and the rocks, the stream wins, not through strength, but by perserverance."

Arnold Schwarrzeneger: "...when you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."

Nerrisa Nields: "When your dreams come true, you're out one dream."

Mark Twain: "Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination."

Helen Keller: "We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in this world."

Philip K Dick: "Reality is what won't go away when you stop believing in it"

Oscar Wilde: "A true friend stabs you in the front."

Marlene Dietrich: "It is the friends you can call at 4AM that matter."

Phyllis Diller: "Never go to bed mad, stay up and fight."

Judy Garland: "always be a 1st rate version of yourself, not a 2nd rate version of someone else."

Winston Churchill: "Success is the ability to go form failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasim"

Jack Handey: "I hope life isn't a big joke, because i don't get it."

Coco Chanel: " There is no time for cut and dried monotony. There is time for work, and time for love, that leaves no other time."

Mae West: "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough"

Anonymous: "I'm going to speak my mind because i have nothing to lose."

Laura Bush on her visit to Egypt:"If you take away all the pyramids, it looks just like west Texas"

Edgar Allan Poe:"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream"

Dez K: "If You stop believing in me, i will cease to exsist."

Mr. Lestat: reffering to my vocal wordings: "STOP MURMURING!."

Brandon I: "I don't have Issues, i just have problems."

Leona: KoF 2003: "Can you escape it? Escape Fortune's wheel...?"

????: "When you've lived a real life love story in a word, you never really leave each other altogether; There's a neattly laid out compartment in your heart that no one can fill"

????: "If you're strong, you know that life is a road on which you're always alone even with love. Even if people have halted along the way to engage our emotions, we must carry on, carry on to the end, till we can touch the little light that's shining just for us. till we can embrace its light, a special little light for each of us, at the end, at the very end of the road"

Paine: FFX-2: "No holding back. If you can't keep up, stay off my dance floor. "

Paine: FFX-2: "Don't think it's just a game. Your life is on the line. "

Alice L : "Chances like this don't come to people like us. Do the right thing. thats what you've always taught me"

Emma Frost to Phoebe : "I know you and your sisters have lost all respect for me, darling, but there's no cause to be rude is there? Perhaps you should remain locked in puberty until you learn some manners, eh?"

Dez K : "You can only play with a snake for so long until it strikes back"

Jean Grey on Xavier's Coma: "His entire being is disintegrating into confetti."
Emma Frost: "I felt like that every day during my 'lost years.'"

Emma Frost: "Sometimes there are more important things in life then having "Someone"."

Go Go Yubari: Kill Bill V.1: "You call that begging? You can beg better than that. "

Oren ishii: Kill Bill V.1: "Swords however, never get tired. I hope you saved your energy. If you haven't... You may not last five minutes. But as last looks go, you could do worse. "

Elle Driver: Kill Bill V.1: "Point in fact I despise you. But that doesn't suggest I don't respect you. "

Vernita Green / Allan S: Kill Bill V.1: "I shoulda been mutherfuckin black mamba"

Budd: Kill Bill V.1&2: "That woman deserves her revenge, and we deserve to die"

Emma Frost: "Don't gloat, child. It's a sign of poor upbringing."

Dez K: " I'm not dead yet, so i have nothing to worry about"

Tre Y: "Sometimes even machines need a tune up"

Sion L: " When you need help, ask for it"

Mitsuko Souma: Battle Royale: " Atashi tada ou kawa ni mawarou to omoi tadakeyo" ( I just didn't want to be a loser anymore )

Battle Royale 2: "We don't fear death, we fear being forgotten"

lxbxt: "watever u do to me, i'll return the pain a thousand timez over, just remember that..."

Edgar Allan Poe: "Silenced" :"There are some qualities-some incorporate things, That have a double life, which thus is made A type of twin entity which springs from matter and light evinced in solid and shade"

JD: ive worked hard, and still will work hard. i will maintain my platform on the environment, money, and unity. make the best 24/7. "never give up!"

????: "i'd do anything just to hold you in my arms, to try and make you laugh cuz sumhow icant put u in the past. id do anything just to fall asleep with you, will you remember me cuz i know i wont forget you.."

Donna: "i wanna bring u a gift...*hmm* searchin endlessly for a boy toy outta muh closet for dez...."

Trina: "Dez also because of what you told me on how u can get over things like so damn ass fast i believe i can do it too and i did man thanks !"

Oli: "i'll pay for all ur travel expenz... and u go pick the rite guy in any country u want even if it takes u yrs"

Jeanie: Des! you know you like these endorsements! don't lie!

Ed: "i'll be your #9, so you can get to 10 faster and finally be happy"

Vincent: "You'll never have to be afraid to dream again"

Emily M: mario andretti :"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough"

Tuan L: Referring to me and Jacoby @ N'touch:like honey why are you messing with my demographic?

Vi: "If i get with you, i wouldn't be risking anything."

Viet N:appearance is the bait...and personality is the hook

Emily M: Walter Winchell:"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out"

Annaly S: Relationships thrive not because the guilty is punished, but because the innocent are merciful

Rice Angel: kinky is using a feather, perverted is using the whole damn chicken.

Rice Angel: Here i sit brokenhearted, come to shit but only farted.

Sion: Maybe we can rig up a scientific test to see if its reproducible. If it is, you'll be the world's first human spark plug.

Rikku: From FFX: : Memories are nice, but thats all they are.

Strife: : Idleness is a bad habit... I have bad habits.. therefore I am idle.

StoneBoyz:reference on gay guy's view of straight people : it's like, they go: you need to be more open and accept us... but at the same time they close out everyone else

Bumper Sticker on Truck: : meter-maids eat there young.

???: : If trees could scream, would people cut them?.

Mature: : You can touch me, but it'll cost you your life.

Vice: : "Koroshite kurerun ja nakatta no?" (Weren't you going to kill me?).

Orochi: : Humans are always rushing to self destruction. You gotta' love these guys!.

Goenitz: : "Kami no gokago ga aran koto wo!" (Your god has relinquished his graces from you!).

Goenitz: : "Sa, mu ni kaerou" (come, let us return to oblivion).

Orochi: : "Ware yori sugure mono wa nashi" ( I am above all others).

Vanessa: : "Ii pai yaritai kibune.." (I really need a drink after this).

Derek Chu: : With the Dez2002 installed in my car, i'll never be lost in Frisco again..

Cacahead: : Umm, sorry but I don't do that hook-up thing. That's such a gay-newbie thing to do. .

Emmie Tran: : My mind is currently saturating in the Fundamental Principles of Microeconomics. Oh yeah baby, I live on the wild side..

Geniveve L: : I'm loved by some, hated by many, envied by most, yet wanted by plenty.

Ken Dahn C : : One day you will ask me. What's more important, your life or mine? And I will say, my life. then you will walk away, n e v er k n o w i n g, that you are my life.

Giya: : Dude! you're using too many big words, Ghettofy that for me.

DJ Elixur: : Why deal with hoes and bitches, when you can deal with ladies and gentlemen. keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

DJ Elixur: : once ur thoughts are set in stone, when the concretes hardened, no one can bend ur will..

DJ Elixur: : Forgive, but never forget.

Tonny & Dez: : Sorrys, Gone Crazy, be right back.

Angel: from KOF2001: : "Mo, wari?" (Oh, that's all?).

Chris: from KOF1998: : "Sa Yakitsukusou ne! (Now! Let's burn everything up!)."

Angel: from KOF2001: : "Konna no ii wa ne? (ain't i cute?)."

Foxy: from KOF2001: : "Yume o sute...Yabo o sute... ( Throw away dreams. throw away ambitions. . )" ."

Shakira: From the Song: Ready for the Good Times : "Sitting here watching other people live, Frozen by the fear to fail, Cause, everyday there's a war to fight, And if I win or lose never mind, As long as you're my shelter every night, I used to cry against a wall, But now i've got a shoulder, That I can lean on, Swear to me you won't be gone. "

Sun Zi from "The Art of War": : "know your opponent and yourself. only then shall victory be yours."

Ken N: : "You don't have to eat shit to know what it tastes like."

Catwoman: : "Lifes a bitch, now so am i."

Vince L: : "You can't dispel hate with hate, only with love."

Shakira: From the Song "Objection" : "This is pathetic, And sardonic, And sadistic, And psychotic, Tango's not for three, Was never meant to be, But you can try it, Rehearse it, Or train like a horse, But don't you count on me, Don't you count on me boy, ."

UrbanJet: : "All you AznPotato Queens, Go eat some self esteem."

Sion L: : "It's as if god breathed life into yin and yang and called him Desmond."

Adam C: misspoken words ref. to me : "I rather you be in pain"

Zhang Zi Yi: Upon Meeting for an Autograph : "WoW! You have very nice hair"

Adam C: In reference to Me : "You'd make the perfect white boy"

Dez K : "Your Worst Enemy is your Best friend; Only they know EVERYTHING about you"

The Late Crayne Kam : Mom's best friend : "Kill a person with kindness"

Dez K : "and when i fall who will catch me? i will"

Dez K : "Pain is all in the mind"

Dez K and Tonny S: in reference on Joe's quote of life : "Simplicity can kiss my ass"

Charles Dai Lo : "Life is all about upgrades"


Shirley Manson: From the Song "Shut Your Mouth" : "And the world spins by With everybody moaning, Pissing, bitching and everyone is shitting, On their friends, On their love, On their oaths, On their honor, On their graves, On their mouths, And their words say nothing, Shut your mouth. . . "

Our Lady Peace : "I'll be waving my hand, watching you drown, watching you scream... no one's around "

Teacher in Principles of Fashion Design Class : "Stupidity should be painful"

Margo D : "Poop You quoth me"

Eric E : "Hey , Beetchee!!"

Tonny S : "But if you keep destroying all the flowers, where will all the fairies live?"

Jen C & Dez K: in Reference to Being Nice : "Deng! This Is Harder then i thought"

Lady at Rite-Aid: in reference to me : "Ooo, The devil hasn't ever lookd any finer"

the late Mr. Escueta: in reference to my Poetry : "Mankind, if not individually, at least collectively, should have a redeemin purpose. To focus on the negative aspects only, is to be blindto "Whole", the "Essence" of life. In the Hindu religion, Shiva is the God of birth and destruction. All endings are the birthpoint of a new begining. Just as the begining is the onset of decay and eventual destruction"

Customer at Macy's : "Vietnamese and philipino guys are the asian equivilant to white trash"