What Breaks Out: By Dez K.
breathless and wordless you've left me for several nights straight,
your words tear beyond the illusions and fog that've been casted before me.
we are but two,
born from the same world.
but those words...they haunt my very being,

you breath ice as do i,
but mines is not of the artic kind,
Impervious and flawed is my shell,
given enough pressure at that specific point and i can shatter.
Little did anyone else know,
There indeed is a fire beneath that diamond shell.

and as my grips on the reigns slowly begins to weaken,
my control too...weakens.
thus....as you mentioned....
A merciless, violent, and unforgiving wildfire is released
bent only to engulf everything in it's path.
even that of earth, ash, water, and wind.

My Dream: By Dez K.
I sat there unaware,
there you stood, back i stared.
what was this feeling creeping out within,
something that was sitting long dormant.
my guards were higher then i could ever know,
but when you walked into my life, it just took one glancing blow.
i've never smiled the way i did in such a long time,
and while u stood around by this side of mine,
all i could think was how happy i was to be,
just here spending time with you and me.
a light that lit me from side,
someone...i never knew i could confide.
for those moments i will always keep at heart,
you will never know the feelings i have towards you.
because i've silenced them from the start.

Reflective War: By Dez K.
i can't help but think that after all this time,
that you used me, my heart, and this weapon of a mind.
to what avail and what extent i could really care less
because nothing was ever there but a thriving mess
Everything you touched turned into worthless crap
and everyone you came in touch with always fell in your traps.
i've watched closely to what you commit,
and in silently i did sit.
paying eager attention as to just how far and how much you could do,
it's only a matter of time someone will do the same against you.
I was loyal, i was answers, i was aide, i was a world to you and your cause,
but now i see clearly the deception, lies and flaws.
you've started a war that you will never win,
gone beyond commitng all seven sins,
but know this and know it clear,
when it's time for me to go against you...
i'll be there.

Untitled: By Anonymous.
you brought the fuel...
you lit the match...
so get ready to play with fire...
get ready to play....

A walk Through : By Dez K.
i'm sitting around in my room,
watching as the night sky begins to loom.
as the Katamari ball rolls across the cityscape,
i spy a blonde hair fighting a japanese school girl above the estate.
i turn around to see the Old Town gals work the streets,
right by the bride's corpse and the T-X in discreet.
what an odd fellowship i think to myself,
and continue my walk around where there stands an elf.
then again an elf it was not,
but a firey woman with a bird...locked in her lot.
above her is the ice queen 'Frost' standing in wait,
i guess she's got an important date.
as i finish my walk through this ever so odd world to be,
i stop by to see those who don't believe the fantasy is final...
all groups of three.

Black and White: By Dez K.
Come along to a world below,
where your being will take the darkest flow.
Come above to a enlightenment so high,
providing you virtue, truth, and the ability to fly.
good or evil are two routes to decide to take,
truth is,
you're in the middle,
the two are fake.

4 My #8: Whatever it Takes: By Dez K. #8: Vincent Pun
It was you all along,
who put me in this coma so strong.
forcing my life and being,
forever tucked away in a world of dreaming.
through those times of dormancy,
i emulated you in every way i could see,
exactly what was so great with your choice to be,
to destroy everything that was me.
upon those times i broke several lives that were pure,
and sent them dying into despair.
i followed your plan ever so close,
and learned exactly why you did boast.
and then you come and turn against me,
claiming that i played lives deceitfully.
when the facts and actions were clear enough,
that all i did was become you..soft and tough.
so you saw the pain i could deliver,
you saw how the coldness that i could hinder.
and that growth of emulated being,
went out of hand and became what alot of people were seeing.
but they knew that it was all drawn from the pain you brought,
and they know that against it....i did fought.
i struggled over and over again to wake from my sleep,
and it was a combined effort from the people i decided to keep.
you started yet a second war again,
now i'm really wondering if you were heaven sent.
regardless of where your stance maybe now,
or if you're wondering exactly how,
someone so close to your heart can turn against you so fast,
my dear...ask yourself that same question from the past.
I stepped into your shoes to learn what i needed to know,
exactly what it'll take for me to deliver the final blow.
because your failure is my goal,
for what you did to my mind, body, and soul.
Even if i have to succumb to a level like yours and below.
i've done,
and will do,
and everything,
to get you back for what you stole.

Wide Awake: Dez K
powerless through the eyes,
cutting loose severed ties.
staying low and close to the ground,
i've awaken in a slumbering town.
before me is a war that was left standing idle,
everything scattered about sharp and dull.
the firey flames of dreams that once existed,
the watery graves flowing and twisted.
I take one step forward with my eyes wide open,
searching for the allies that have not yet been broken.
what i find are loyalties so strong,
and i forgive them that it's been so long.
I walk across the burning wreckage of life,
and hold close to me a seering knife.
above those who once stood by my side,
are numbers and letters that state a price of their polar tide.
i don't take kind these new people and dreams at all,
because these were the same people that caused me to fall.
They put me to sleep in another world that i lived,
and took with them everything that i have gived.
Now it's time to Reap what belongs to me,
the pieces of my heart, trust, and friendship from thee.
Their views might change when i approach them face to face,
but in all honesty they had so much time given to them in this race.
the darkness that envelopes this place in bliss,
is about to be shaken apart from one twist.
I don't know what has happened while i was away,
but i know what i see,
and surely,
i no longer want you people to stay.

Lifeless Eyes: Dez K
Take one glance into these eyes,
and see with fear to no surprise.
The void that stares right back,
A being with life that lacks.
Drawn away are the joyous glance,
Gone away are the angered dance.
So look deep into these eyes of mine,
And tell me if you see an empty sign.

Strike Back: By Dez K.
Put me in a cage and i'll Break Free,
Try to lock me down. i'll tear through your sanity.
Encase me in a prison made from glass,
and i'll shatter it into a mass,
try to silence me and i'll bite back,
try to push me and i'll attack,
fuck with me and i'll retaliate,
i'll destroy your everything with whatever it takes,
block my way,
I'll toss you away,
i've paid my dues all intact,
I'm on my way to strike Back.

4 My#7B: Scared to Dream: By Dez K.
Thinking to be with you brings me to an elate,
being with you brings my mind to a better state.
so many times i wish you were near,
to kiss me, hold me, take away my fears.
but time has passed and things have changed,
an entire life i did rearrange,
i look back to endure the bliss,
but one can never relive such happiness.
i lay awake and ponder in my mind,
what i were to go back to that time.
but i mustn't agree to this deed,
because reliving the past can be ungodly.
with what exsists now it can never be,
the fairy tale life of what was you and me.
destroy the future to bring up the past?
bring the dark storm clouds in a mass.
too many things going through my head,
so i stop thinking it all instead.
can't think or it'll pain me more,
dreaming all the time will halt for me whats instore.
so i walk the streets to a face around ten,
afraid of dreaming about you again

4 My #7: I need you I Don't: By Dez K. #7: Jeffrey Mak
I do what i do,
Because i need you.
In times like this i wander,
with endless thoughts of you i ponder.
you were the very dream that made me breath,
why couldn't you see,
that i did everything for you and me.
but you left me to cry on my own,
up and out you became to be,
i put my mind and heart on the line,
i made for you all my time.
now you've walked away cold and blank
and my life slowly began to sank.
Then i stop to think silently,
only to find you weren't true to be,
one, two, three, or four,
you had so many more.
My sorrow evolved into angst and i slowly i picked myself off the floor,
thinking how stupid i was to want more.
My angst turns to acceptance,
and i look to the stars to see what i've lost,
only to see what power i've gained,
i see your face upon those stars,
and i turn my head away,
I don't need you anymore.

For dezzy and mikey: By Emily M.
I took my love and I took it down
Climbed a mountain then I turned around
And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
Well the landslide brought me down
Oh, mirror in the sky- What is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above
Can I sail through the changing ocean tides
Can I handle the seasons of my life...
Well I've been afraid of changin'
Cause I've built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Children get older
And I'm getting older too...
If you see my reflection in the snow covered hills
well maybe...the landslide will bring it down...
well maybe...the landslide will bring it down...

4 My #3: Never forgive or forget: By Dez K. #3:Shing Li Long
With the times we shared,
you showing you cared,
life was perfect in everyway,
because you told me you would stay.
Everything was on track and you were there,
not ever shedding a tear.
but deep in your darkness,
i was many things less.
In one mighty flash,
everything began to crash.
your sweet words grew into lies,
and slowly you tore up our ties.
I loved you so much and wouldn't let go,
but more and more you sent stronger blows.
Everything i dreamed of was not there,
you walk away lieing, cheating, and not care.
Leaving me alone to die in pain,
leaving these tears to stain.
Years come upon and i grow stronger,
and your lies have gotten longer.
i challenge myself to face you again,
with your mind games in fold of ten.
never again will the innocent fall into your trap,
never again will anyone have to take your crap.
Rest assure i will be the victor this time,
Not giving any mercy to your lines.
Give me sympathy, empathy, and your sorrow,
and i will crush them into your tommorow.
don't ask for my understanding and kindness while you are down,
because remember,
you were the one that left me all alone without a sound.
Feel the pain of your heart and mind being torn apart and tossed to the ground,
and then i will leave you with no one around.

I Am Me: By Dez K.
I don't fear death,
but i do fear pain.
I am legally documented,
as someone insane.
I am a devil and an angel,
all wrappedinto one,
i am a quiet Leo,
born under the sun.
The things i see and feel,
could fill a book.
I am the face of Sorrow,
with a happy look.
I can be romantic,
i can be a bitch.
i can be a nightmare,
with knowledge enriched.
a taste for meat
calmes my appetite,
Oceans and Airports,
are where i Like.
Sorry to say,
a dedicated addict i am,
a devil to destroy,
but an angel to bring hope to this land.
Blood will drip,
tears will fall,
but alwys remember,
i'm here for you all.

A Poem For you: By Tom King Zhong
I find you interesting,
though i find your soul disturbing
I pray that I will see the day,
that someone will take your pain away.
I hope that you will feel,
what it is like to be a child once again.
I was once like you, we both lost our soul.
but the difference is I found mine again.
I hope you will soon find your soul again.
know that your soul is not found in other's love.
know that your soul is within yourself.
to hate is to be empowered by evil, is it?
to hate is to be enslaved by evil.
Under your dark and beaten heart,
I know that a soul lies within,
a soul that will shine, will love.
a soul that live with all happiness.
I pray I will see that soul one day.

The Gentlemen : By Joss Whedon
Canít even shout
Canít even cry
The gentlemen are coming by
Looking in windows
Knocking on doors
They need to take seven
and they might take yours
Canít call to mom
Canít say a word
Youíre gonna die screaming
but you wonít be heard

Four U:By Dez K.
Solve my riddle before you go,
How many people can crowd a street?
Then proceed and go down below,
To a sunless world where red blood sleeps.

Now Solve my riddle two,
How can you tell what is true?
Once you know, a new place to show,
Where not even the sun dares to go.

Solve my riddle before you go,
how often do human's bone show?
Once you know enter the room,
Where at 21 years a met his doom,
and you can see yourself.

Solve my riddle if you dare,
organs of sense under bristly hair.
Seen with how the red blood smears.
Once you know , go from there,
To a cemetary hill 'neath the moon's cold glare.

Always: By Benji Liu
Darkness surrounds you
No one is around
You feel so cold inside
You lie upon the ground

Looking up at the void
You think: life is just so mean
You lost so many things
And many things you've been

Just in that instance
When you lose your will to live
A light starts shining down at you
And strength to you it gives

The world starts lighting up
Warmth and beauty come like day
You close your eyes and listen
Then you hear me say

"I'm here...always."

Feeling what you feel,

Person on Display: By Margo Dabaie
A bird in her cage,
Admire her, keep her to yourself,
What else is she for?
You, Keeping a bird,
Is best to be a secret,
Your own forgetful secret,
NO one can smile so well,
And Frown like you,
She needs none other,
Seek her in your liesure,
The perfect , gilded child,
Is also the stupidest,
She will break,
Her own mental prison,
For your sake.

Litto Raver thing: By Dez K.
Walk with me into a land of unknown fear,
Where no one really gives a care,
Suddenly lights go off with a blast,
And you see humans by tha Mass.

Bodies flying, moving, an a extravagant dance,
With everyone takin tha floor with there chance,
Music of trance flows through the air,
You walk around with barely a care.

Smiles blaze tha grounds,
tha speakers blasting out all sorts of sounds,
You begin your dance with an easy open,
making all tha right lashes, moves and bends.

Tha E takes your mind outta tha place,
into a land of Bliss and all of Cloud 9's taste,
laughing, giggling, with everyone else,
then a frown comes across your face in a smelt.

in tha Corner of tha darkness you see something new,
something you dont ususally trip ta see come outta tha blues,
confusion fills your brain,
and you feel a litto insane

A Dark Figure looming upon tha Darkness,
Stareing right back at you with a gleam in it'z eyes,
Holding a blade near it's side,
with a face screaming "You"re MINEZ!"

continue your dance of happiness litto child,
in a moment, you'll recieve something beyond tha wild,
You glear off and see tha same thing,
Something following around and around in a ring.

you begin to run and breathe really hard,
but HEY! tha party has just begun to start.
Fear begins to fill your head,
You're running through everyone panicing like you would've never said,

Scared and afraid, with tha thought " it won't catch me",
hehhehehehe, we'll see,
"Run! RUN! RUN!" Litto thing, you are nothin but prey for me,
Suddenly you stop ta take a look, and by your back did a little shook,
a sticky liquid Slithers down your back,
you take a feel and find that it's begining to track.

You swat it off , but it spatters upon tha floor,
in a puddle of redness, more and more,
your body begins to tremble of tha discovery,
and your Fear and tears start to exceed.

Suddenly you turn around,
there i am again with out a Sound,
i smile and send tha blade upon your shoulder,
and slash at your chest over and over.

tha blood takes flight and lands everywhere,
but everyones on E, they don't really care.
you begin your symphony of screams,
but i send tha blade across your face with it's gleam.

You begin to beg on tha floor,
pleading to spare your life and everything more,
how pathetic i think you are,
I barely know you , and you begin acting like some star?

Crying and Cryin like a litto bitch,
Lookin like you've been lynched,
Lookin around for any of your frenz,
but get it through your fuckin head, this is your end

You begin to crawl away from mah site,
I sit there thinking, "Yeah Fuckin right",
You limp and fall on tha Laser lit floor,
and i approach you sendin you more pain upon your sores.

I send tha Knife Slamming into your back,
you collapse like a Potato sack,
I stare at those Emotionless eyes,
heheheh wondering if your last question was "why?"

Litto Raver thing, i enjoyed my time,
and i look for mah next,
hey there goes a girl doing a light show.....