Jobs with the Public: 6-16-06

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: A small illustration of Manny, Howard, Tonny, Rainier, Me, Jess, Jen, Carine, and Allan

Cast of Characters: 5-23-06

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: An illustration of Allan and I with the usual cast of characters found in our rooms(Godzilla, Face-hugger, Wonton, Hedorah, Ebirah, Gonbe, Pyro and Bub)

Kingdom Hearts 2: Emma Frost & Jean Grey: 5-22-06

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: I attempted to make Emma Frost and Jean Grey as Kingdom Heart-ish as possible

Kingdom Hearts 2: Axel: 5-21-06

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: Axel in beach wear. It's amazing what prings can do to a garment.

X-Men: Emma Frost - Snowboarding: 5-21-06

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: Originally designed for my snowboard illustration. Emma Frost on a snowboard

Kingdom Hearts 2: Leon (Squall) & Cloud: 5-19-06

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: Leon(Squall) and was a picture that was dying to happen. ( more practice on the male body)

Kingdom Hearts 2: Demyx: 5-16-06

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: Demyx in "normal" wear

Ibara: Lace - Rose: 5-16-06

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: The fourth Rose Guardian of "Ibara". One of my personal favorites

Kingdom Hearts 2: Sora: 5-15-06

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: Sora in my own interpretation; aged and worked out

Kingdom Hearts 2: Zexion: 5-14-06

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: Zexion's hair was what really grabbed my attention.

Kingdom Hearts 2: Roxas: 5-13-06

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: Roxas in my own interpretation; aged and worked out.

Ibara: Meidi - Rose: 5-11-06

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: The second Rose Guardian of "Ibara". The designs for the characters are amazing, i HAD to

King of Fighters: Shermie: 9-19-05

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: I haven't drawn Shermie in ages and gave it a try from memory. Unfortunately, i got her boots wrong >.<

Guy 4 - M: 9-19-05

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: Guy number 4: A guy on the Beach

Koda Kumi: Hot Stuff: 9-17-05

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: Koda Kumi in her "Hot Stuff" PV costume

Ladies of Japan: Heartsdales, Koda Kumi, Namie Amuro: 9-17-05

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: Chibi'd version of some of my favorite japanese singers: Heartdales (Rum & Jewels: 'Hey DJ'), Koda Kumi ('Hot Stuff'), Namie Amuro ('WoWa')

King of Fighters: Shen Woo: 8-11-05

Pencil/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: A combination of fan art and work on the male body.

Godzilla Final Wars: Hedorah: 8-16-05

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: After the success of my Ebirah drawing, i did my next favorite. GFW Hedorah

Guy 3 - J: 8-11-05

Ink/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: third attempt on the male body. An auto worker

Godzilla Final Wars: Ebirah: 7-26-05

Pencil/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: considering i haven't done "animal" drawings in a while, and i love Lobsters.....gave it a try.

Guy 2 - K: 7-26-05

Pencil/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: Second attempt at the male body. Modeled after a friend.

X-Men: The Stepford Cuckoos: 7-26-05

Pencil/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: The Stepford Cuckoo's of the X-men world: Celeste, Mindee, Sophie, Esme, Phoebe

Guy 1 - L: 7-20-05

Pencil/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: I want to start working on drawing the male body. So heres my attempt. A Jogger

Alice Leung and Danny Pham: 7-19-05

Pencil/Adobe Photoshop 5.0: A fashion Illustration i did of two friends, Alice Leung & Danny Pham